Jason Dvorin

Professional Overview

About Jason Dvorin

Jason Dvorin is a skilled and experienced professional who has built his impressive career in Texas, where he was born and raised. As a professional, Jason offers 32 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, was the youngest self-sponsoring broker-dealer in what is now FINRA, and is incredibly skilled at handling business development and managing logistics. 

As a professional, Jason Dvorin got his start working with his father. His dad worked as a petroleum engineer, so Jason’s experience in the industry began when he was nine years old, and he would make summer trips to help out with his dad’s work. From then on, summers were spent out in the field with his father, working jobs. This continued into high school and throughout his college years, each time learning more about the business and gaining insight and firsthand experience from his father on the ins and outs of the oil and gas industry. 

A few years back, Jason got involved with one of his peers who happened to be overseeing a mining operation in South America. Jason got involved with the operation through his background in science and soon became exposed to the aerospace industry, which he found immensely lucrative and rewarding overall. Due to his newfound passion for the industry and his love of taking on new challenges, Jason Dvorin stepped into the aerospace tech industry, combining his knowledge of petroleum, chemical engineering, and business and stepping on board at a major aerospace tech corporation. 

Jason Dvorin has an immense amount of experience working in different industries. Not only is he a skilled oil and gas executive and a talented aerospace professional, but Jason has also worked in fracking, has a background in chemical engineering and petroleum, has run drilling operations and land drilling operations, and has handled complex logistics issues. 

Looking forward, Jason Dvorin continues to be interested in areas that include energy development technologies and strategies as well as hypersonic aviation, supersonic aviation, and aerospace technologies. A businessman at heart, Jason knows the importance of making astute business decisions, abiding by the saying, “Easy salesmen have skinny kids!” Jason is a go-getter, believing, in a phrase, that “one cannot wait around for something to die – you must go out and kill it!”

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