Instead of pushing yourself to do more with less, productivity apps aim to make the task at hand a little easier. They do so by taking something that is tedious or unpleasant and making it better for you to perform.

Some productivity apps make it easier for you to do certain tasks that would have previously been done manually, such as transcribing audio or copying and pasting documents. They do so automatically, which helps you focus on what you’re actually working on. Another benefit of these apps is that they help you get organized, which means less mental energy is spent on remembering what’s important.

This article aims to list some of the best productivity apps you can use in the personal and professional spheres. We’ve also included some of the most popular office suites and project management software. Although it’s not a comprehensive list, it will help you find some useful apps that will make your life a little better.


Unlike other spell checkers, Grammarly is an app that gives you advice on various writing styles. It can be used to help you with a variety of tasks, such as writing a blog post or a dissertation. For instance, you can configure it to provide you with advice on how to style your work, while also suggesting other changes to your grammar and spelling. This app is very useful for writers who need help with their writing.


The app known as Apple’s Shortcuts is a productivity helper that can help you automate certain tasks. This feature lets you create automations that happen automatically when you trigger certain events. For instance, you can say that when you wake up your phone, it will automatically play a news podcast. Another example is that when you get to a particular location using GPS, it will stop sending notifications. Although you may not know how to program, this app can still help you save time.


Teamwork is a great productivity app for small and medium-sized businesses that need to get up and running quickly with project management. It’s very easy to use, and it takes only a few minutes to create an account. There are only a few project management platforms that are both good and simple to use.

Everyone who’s working on a project has a login. The app’s project managers or team leads can organize various aspects of the project, such as the start date, end date, and milestones. Team members can also see what tasks are being assigned to them and provide updates on their work status. The app’s prices are usually around $12.50 per month.


Probably the most popular group messaging app is Slack. It’s free to sign up for, but paid accounts come with additional features and are priced at $8 per month. This app is used to send and receive messages in groups. You can also message individuals or private groups through its various channels.

Aside from instant messaging, you can also have video and audio calls through Slack. This app is considered a productivity app because it allows you to connect with colleagues in real-time. This is very different from traditional email, as it will enable you to interact with people in a way that’s both asynchronous and real-time.


One of the most popular productivity apps is RescueTime, which helps you keep track of your habits and monitor your usage of various websites and apps. This app does so by quietly running on your computer. It can also help you identify which apps and websites are consuming the most time.

The app generates reports that show you when you’ve been productive and when you’ve been distracted. You can also customize the settings in your account to make sure that the reports are accurate. Although RescueTime offers a free tier of service, it’s hidden. To access the paid version, go to the app’s payment form and look for an unpaid option.