Anyone seeking in-depth information and informational resources about the aerospace industry should make the NASA website their first touchdown.

The U.S government’s primary space exploration department is on a mission to educate the public on all things space, from the nut-and-bolts infrastructure to what’s happening on the astronomy and planetary exploration front.

Navigate over to NASA’s website to find an extraordinary compilation of everything you could ever want to know about the aerospace sector.

Aviation Commons

Another superb resource for aerospace knowledge is Aviation Commons. Here you will find thousands of articles about aerospace and aviation, including journals, articles, books, PowerPoint presentations, professional conference papers, and more. This is for folks seeking advanced information in the field.

National Academies Space and Aeronautics

This is an excellent resource that provides publications on astronomy, space travel, astrophysics, information about space hardware, and educational opportunities. 


If you’re looking for information on aviation safety, physics, weather, and more, it’s all here. SKYbrary offers terrific toolkits and short videos about numerous aviation topics.

NASA E-books

Back to NASA again, this resource deserves a special mention because learning from full-length books is a great way to absorb a large amount of in-depth information. Here you will find all kinds of free e-books on space flight, manned and unmanned exploration of space, flight, systems engineering, cutting-edge research, and more. You can even find ringtones for your phone.

Hunt Library Aerospace & Aviation Guides

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University of Florida is one of the premier aerospace educational and flight training schools in the nation. It offers the Hunt Library. Its online site offers voluminous resources, including a plethora of databases one can mine for deep-dive information about the aerospace sector.

Aerospace Engineering Commons

The focus here is on the engineering aspects of aerospace. The seeker will find articles, conference papers, presentations, and more in a robust digital library.

Secure World Foundation Resource Library 

A huge collection of handbooks, reports, and free resources on space policy, security, commercial operations, and environmental sustainability. You will also find fact sheets on key aerospace topics and events reports.