The future of oil and gas is hinged on global stability and market prices. What’s now shocking experts is the number of barrels expected due to near-future production. Military conflict is now putting pressure on multiple world powers. The United States is projected to increase its imports of natural gas to Europe as a result. Its ban on Russian oil calls for the U.S. nation to drill oil to offset its sanctions. Though demand can’t be guaranteed, oil production increases yearly.

Contributions From the Lower 48

Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico both have substantial oil reserves to tap into. In a strategic move, however, the U.S. is staging its increased-oil production within other States. The decision not only increases oil production but allows the nation to preserve its Alaskan reserves. Canada and Mexico currently supply the U.S. with the bulk of its usable petroleum. The rising contribution of the lower 48 states, however, is slowly shifting how the nation gets its crude.

Impacts of Crude

The projected increase in oil’s production comes in response to the rising prices of crude. From the perspective of an oil driller, the best time to harvest is when prices are high. Since crude is unrefined or unprocessed oil, producing it can be difficult without rising demand or new contracts. The record prices of crude now fuel a record-breaking stance on oil production in the United States. With prices high and global demand shifting, now is an ideal time to extract more.

Help From the Permian Basin

The leading extractors of crude oil in the United States are settled within the Permian Basin of Texas. Parts of this oil reserve are also found in New Mexico. The basin gets its name from its rock formations created during the Permian period. Expanding 300 miles by 250 miles makes this sedimentary basin massive to say the least. It has produced over 14.9 billion barrels of oil and natural gas since 1993.

How oil will be used and extracted are becoming new areas of debate. The United States has already become the largest producer of oil around the world.