The global pandemic changed nearly everything about the world. From regular supply chain delays to constant economic uncertainty and political upheaval, the changes have crept into almost every aspect of daily life. Social distancing and mask-wearing will be both flashpoints for interpersonal conflict and norms in day-to-day dealings with other people for years to come, but many people don’t even have to deal with it at work. That’s because they’re working from home.

There are advantages to working from home for many people. They no longer have to spend time commuting twice a day, nor do they need to get all that dressed up or pack a lunch. They’re in the comfort of their own home and just have to walk into a room to fire up their personal computer or laptop.

Then again, they’re in the comfort of their own home, so being highly productive might not happen so quickly. Going to a dedicated professional space does make focusing more accessible, and the distractions of being at home can make productivity drop off significantly. Fortunately, there are many productivity tips, especially for those working at home.

One crucial tip is staying connected with your coworkers, managers, and supervisors. It’s all too easy to detach yourself personally and emotionally and just let everything turn into conference calls and emails. Make sure that you check in with someone at least daily and just make some water cooler talk like you would in the office. Keep the human connection alive with at least a few people.

Keep a schedule. You don’t have to match what your physical office schedule would have been exactly. If you’re in a different time zone than your colleagues, you might wind up just matching their hours for convenience, even if it means getting up earlier or working later. The important thing is to keep a routine.

One thing that might be hard is solitude. This can be harder to pull off in a small home or a home that has a lot of people and pets in it. Important meetings should be interrupted or have distractions in the background, and even when you’re working solo, you need some breathing room to yourself to concentrate.